Bezovie-Constantin-and-AxeniaFamily history has not been published yet. Please check for records or photo and visit this page later.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Constantin birth record
Constantin was born May 30, 1890. Father – Stefan, son of Dimitrie Bzovi. Mother – Maria Iurco. Godfather- Maftei, son of Mihalachi Mihalcean.

Stefan Bezovie and Maria Svecla (Iurco) marriage record. Feb. 24, 1880.
Stefan, son of Dimitrie Bzovii and Maria Nescoromni married Maria Svecla, widow (born Iurco).  Godparents – Maftei and Ana Mihalcean.


Census - 1916
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  1. Doug Bezovie

    Thank you Florin for all your hard work in putting together the history of the Romanian pioneers in Alberta. Your efforts are tremendous and greatly appreciated. You have been a wonderful resource to not only the pioneers but also to the long lost relatives left behind in the old country. We are so fortunate to have had you come into our lives when you did. Your work will be eternal.

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