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Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Pavel Bidulca and Eleana Hostiuc marriage record. Nov.8, 1878.
Pavel, son of Andrei Bidulca and Iftima Vacariuc from Cadobesti married Eleana, daughter of Toader Hostiuc and Maria Lazar. Godparents – Gheorghie Chalus with wife Acsenia. Pavel was 24 and Eleana 21 years old.

Elena Huschuk birth record. (Huschuk was changed to Hostiuc).
Elena was born on May 10, 1855. Father – Toader, son of Dumitras Huschuk. Mother – Maria. Godfather – Toader Lazar.

Elena dead record.
Elena, wife of Pavel Bidulca pass away on July 29, 1907. Cause of death – tuberculosis.(most surely it was pneumonia – Florin D.)

Toader Huschuk and Maranda Lazar marriage record. Feb. 1854.
Toader, son of Dumitras Huschuk married Maranda, daughter of Vasile Lazar from Horbova. Godparents – Toader, son of George Lazar with his wife Alexandra.

Pavel and Elena children born in Boian, Bukovina.

Maria birth record. Apr. 7, 1880
Paraschiva birth record. Jan. 30, 1886
Catrina birth record. June 23, 1888
Toader birth record. Aug. 9, 1893
Domnica birth record. July 10, 1896

Passenger ship lists

Pavel and Domnica Biduleac. Hamburg. Apr.30, 1909. Vessel – Prinz Albert.
Pavel and Domnica Biduleak. Quebec. May-1909


Census - 1916

Photo from Codobesti (Cadubivti) village in Bukovina.

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  1. Judy Bidulock Eliuk

    It’s impressive to see this detailed account of our. Grandfather Fred’s ancestors. Many names of people & the connections to each other & us. Thank you.

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