Tanas (Tom), Sarah, George. Domnica, Maria, John (circa 1914)

Tanas (Tom), Sarah, George. Domnica, Maria, John (circa 1914)

George Dubetz emigrated from the village of Toporoutz, in Austria-Hungary, when he was eighteen years old. Arriving in Canada, he worked in many different places wherever he was able to secure a job. At the age of 22 he met Sarah M. Matei who had also come from Boian, Bukovina with her parents and her sister Sanda and brother Mike. Sarah was not quite fourteen years old when she married George Dubetz. Though very young, she accepted the responsibilities of a homemaker and the young couple homesteaded some three and three-quarter miles north-east of Boian Marea School. Their life was not an easy one. George left his young bride at home and went out working to earn money. It was mostly work on the railroad track. Together they managed to clear land, plant large gardens, seed wheat, flail the grain by hand, and grind it into flour for bread. The nearest post office was Soda Lake and when her husband was away, Sarah would have to walk the whole distance to get the mail and some groceries. When George had enough money to buy two oxen to plow land, things began to pick up. Later oxen were replaced by horses and another quarter of land was purchased. From this marriage, fifteen children were born. Three died in infancy and Stephen died when he was fifteen. Of the surviving ones, Mary was the eldest. She married Metro Toma, when widowed she married John Darda. John married Helen Stefanitz and they are retired in Two Hills. Doris married Bill Hutzkal. Pearl married Richard Pollack and they operated a trucking business. Helen married Leo Wowk. Kathleen is married to John Repka. Sandra and Grace married brothers Jacob and Henry Schnell, respectively. Thomas married Doris Hudema and they reside in Edmonton. Donald married Mary Chorney and Sam married Gloria Chorney.
George Dubetz died at 55 years of age in 1939. Sarah lived to be eighty-two and passed away in 1973.
They are both buried at Boian on the hill at St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox cemetery.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Toporauti and Boian, Bukovina

George Dubetz birth record.
George was born on June 14, 1883. Father – Theodor Dubez. Mother – Paraskeva, daughter of Jakov Hnydka.

Theodor Dubetz and Paraskeva Hnydka marriage record. Nov.8, 1881
Theodor, son of Konstantin Dubetz and Elena Gatzi married Paraskeva, daughter of Jakow Hnydka and Ioana Samku.

Toader Dubetz birth record.
Toder was born on May 14, 1854. Father – Konstantin Dubetzu. Mother – Elena.

Paraskeva Hnedka birth record.
Paraskeva was born on Apr.9 1861. Father – Jakov Hnedka. Mother – Elena.

Constantin Dubetz and Anna (should be Elena?) Gatz marriage record. Nov.8, 1851.
Constantin, son of Andrei Dubetz married Anna, daughter of Vasile Gatz. Constantin was 18 and Anna 22 years old.

Passenger ship lists

Hamburg. June 18, 1903. Vessel - Adria.
Halifax. July 1, 1903.


Census - 1916.

Dubetz, George

Matei, Sarah

George & Sarah Dubetz family in 1933. Boian, Alberta
Wedding in Toporautz -1940.
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  1. Heidi McLane

    Hello, Does anyone know any descendants of Peter and Lena Dubetz of Edmonton? Peter passed away in 1951 and Lena in 1970. Two of their sons served in WW2 as RCAF – flight Engineers. John and Lawrence. Lawrence (21)was killed in action in May 1, 1943 and is buried in the Netherlands at Grosebeek Canadian War Memorial Cemetery. In 1947 John is recorded in the Edmonton Hendersons Book of Census as clerk Treasurer DVA. The 1951 obituary of Peter mentions “a loving son Mr and Mrs Jack Dubetz”. This leads me to believe they had at least three sons. Lawrence’s Army Death Certificate has his citizenship as Canadian and his Race of origin as Austrian and also that his parents are Austrian.

    The reason I am attempting to make contact with any of Peter and Lena’s decedents is because at the end of April I am flying to Amsterdam to go on the 9 Day IOFF (In Our Fathers Footsteps) 75 Anniversary Dutch Liberation Pilgrimage. My mother’s cousin Harry T Whitlock (26) from Vermilion is also buried at the Grosebeek CWM Cemetery and I am planning to place a Alberta flag at Harry’s grave and will also place one at Lawrence because he is an Albertan. The Tour organizer has asked me to do research about Lawrence and his family – to put a face and family story for the Dutch citizens who so appreciate the great sacrifice of the young Canadian soldiers for their freedom that they enjoy today.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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