Falca-Nicolai-and-IoanaNicolai Falca was born 1841?. In 1871 Nicolai married Elena Harasam. From this marriage, in 1874, was born Alexandra. It seems that Elena pass away because in 1894 Nicolai married Ioana Cuciurean, E. Basaraba widow. Alexandra married Mitru Moskaliuk and both families in 1899 come to Canada. Nicolai Falca was second person, who pass away in new land (1903) and was buried somewhere across the present Boian Hall. After his bones was reburied in St. Mary cemetery. The first person who pass away in Alberta was Sava Serbu, who was godfather of Mitru and Alexandra Moskaliuk. He died of pneumonia in 1900.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Falca Nicolai and Elena Harasam marriage record. October 31, 1871.
Nicolai, son of Dimitrie Falka, married Elena, daughter of Vasile Harasam. Godparents – George and Paraskiva Cojocar. Nicloai was 25 and Elena 27 years old.

Elena Harasam birth record. June 21, 1844.
Father- Vasile, son of Dumitru Harasam. Mother- Maria.

Falca Nicolai and Ioana Cuchurean marriage record – February 3, 1894.
Nicolai Falka, on age 47 married Ioana Cuchurean, 34 years old. Eugenie? Basaraba widow.

Passenger ship lists

Quebec. May 1, 1899. Vessel – Numidian arrived from Liverpool
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