Hauca-Nicolai-and-DomnicaNicolai was born and raised in Boian, Bukovina. He married Domnica Falka and three children were born to this couple in the old country. The first infant died but Metro aged 2 and George aged 1 year came to Canada with their parents in 1899 and settled in Boian district on the N.E.Vi 18-56-14 W of 4th. They raised a family of twelve sons and four daughters, namely; Metro, George, John, Bill, Floyd, Helen, Steve, Mary, Mike, Toder, Katie, Peter, Charlie, Tom, Sanda and Harry. Bill, John and Charlie left as young men for Detroit, where they made their living and established homes of their own. The others remained in Canada, and all but three married and established homes of their own.
Tom and his wife Mary farmed the home place till the sixties when they sold out and moved to Edmonton.
Toder who married Pearl Stogre farmed one mile west of the Boian corner and this couple always took an active part in community activities at Boian.
Nicolai passed away in 1941 and Domnica died Jan. 21, 1953.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Nicolai Hauca birth record.
Nicolai was born on May 5, 1869. Father – Stefan, son of Nicolai Hauca. Mother – Maria Griga. Godparents – Dimitrie and Aksenia Harasam.

Domnica Falca birth record.
Domnica was born on July 4, 1876. Father – Nicolai, son of Dimitrie Falca. Mother – Eleana Harasam. Godparents – George Cojocari and Eleana Carnat.

Nicolai and Domnica marriage record. Feb.5, 1895.
Nicolai, son of Stefan Hauca and Maria Griga married Domnica, daughter of Nicolai Falca and Eleana Harasam. Godparents – Nicolai and Zamfira Bota.

Passenger ship lists

Hamburg. May 24, 1899. Vessel - Bulgaria


Census - 1916
  1. Barb

    Hi, my name is Barbara, I am the daughter of Marion Joyce Hauca, my grandfather is, Metro Hauca, I don’t know who my Grandmother is. She passed away before I was born. I would like to know if you have any information about her, and her parents. My mother passed away in 86 and I am wanting to visit Romania and find out more thanks

  2. Barb

    Oh, i know my mother had many siblings also she married my father Paul Fayant and, I am not sure the year of her birth I am thinking 1941,

  3. Criss Gerwing

    Barbara its Chritine Hauca. Contact me or Auntie Susie we can give you more info about Nana.

  4. Barb

    Hi my dear is your maiden name still the same I can’t find you anywhere

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