malin-churchA Certificate of Incorporation, a photocopy – April 11, 1914 was found in the Record Book stating that the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies states: I hereby certify that GREEK ORTHDOX ROMANI BISERICA INALTAREA SFINTII CRUCI OF P.O. SHEPENITZ IN ALBERTA, CANADA, is this day incorporated under Chapter 38 of The Consolidated Ordinances of the North – West Territories of 1898, as amended by Chapter 22 of the Statutes of Alberta, 1907.
The Ordinance was given, signed and sealed at EDMONTON on 11th day of April, 1914 by Registrar, P.L. McNamara, and E. Crowbridge, Deputy Provincial Secretary. The Ordinance respected the Holding of Lands in Trust for Religious Societies and Congregation.
Title issued covers 3.037 acres in the N.E. ¼ Section 10 – 56 – 13 W. of 4th which is to be used for Church purposes exclusively, and entrusted to the Trustees of the Greek Orthodox Church. The Church belong to the Greek Orthodox Romanian Denomination.
In 1914, April 11th the members listed and entitled to vote were:
Teodor Nikiforeac – President
Nicolai Basaraba
Teodor Suhany
Nicolai Kuciurean – Secretary
Chostache Harasym
Onofrei Harasym
Andrei Basaraba
Petrea Kuciurean
Ilie Toma
Stefan Simonowich
Mihai Basaraba
Vasile Basaraba
Toader Buduliak
John Simonvech
Ilie Tkachuk
Jan Hutzkal
Simon Mihalcean
Vasile Darda
Andrei Basaraba
George Swekla
George Darda
Reveka Hreniuk
Metro Sfekla
George Grigore
Mrs. Sanda Gr. Toma
Dochita Lacusta
Sanfira and Nick Darda

Rules and Regulation were set up at the first meeting March 3, 1914 for the Congregation. The Trustees (Board) had the right and privilege to do all what they deem useful and necessary for the management of their Church, to carry on the missionary work among the Romanian people, to carry on the missionary work among the Romanian people, to organize societies and to establish schools and libraries. Rules were in place for the conduct of the members, officers, and properties of the Church The Rules were spelled out for the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurers, and the governing and conduct of all the Church members, what  they could be expelled for and re – installed. An allegiance of oath was also taken, most importantly for the early executive and members. Disorderly members who act contrary to the rules and regulation may be excluded from the said church by striking out their names from the said church by striking out their names from the list at the general meeting and their dues shall be forfeited.
According to the records to date, it is difficult to determine what priest initially served the congregation at the Church – Greek Orthodox Romani Biserica Inaltarea Sfintei Cruci (From the minutes one can identify two clergymen, Reverend Hreniuk and Reverend N. Kucheran.)
Two cardinal principles were to be adhered to: (1) Any member of the Board of Trustees who willfully neglect to carry out the orders and instructions of the members of this congregation given by resolution at the general meeting or who may misuse or mismanage the property of the Congregation entrusted to him, he shall be liable of an offense and fined with not less than $5.00 and no more $50.00. (2) The Board of Trustees to have the right and privilege at their ordinary meeting to do all what they deem necessary and useful for the management of their church, but in matters pertaining to real estate of the Congregation, the general meeting has to be called and the members to decide by resolution.
The best we can ascertain since 1921 that the clergy that served St. Mary’s Church at Boian also served the congregation at Romani Biserica Inaltarei Sfintei Cruci (MALIN CHURCH) on numerous occasions: funerals, specials holidays, Prohod, and Divine Liturghy on some occasions. Some of the priests that served on the occasion that required sermon at “Malin Church” (Why it was referred to as Malin Church is still a question)
Father Lazar Gherman
Father Alexandru Piza
Father Flerent Georgen
Father Arhip Sarbu
Father Dumitru Fieca
Father Vasile Cohan
Father Mihai Baleca
Father Grigori Costea
Father Toader Schaletschi
Father Ion Daniliuk
Father Onofrei Iwaniak
Father Vasile Melinchuk
Father Stefan Fieca
Father Samolila Iuga
Father Dumitru Diaconescu
Father Eugen Barshowski
Father Doremidont Tovtiuk
And since 1969 Father Mircea  Panciuk

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VIEW A. Church
VIEW Basaraba Andrew 1880 1963
VIEW Basaraba Andrew 1880 1963
VIEW Basaraba Baby unknown
VIEW Basaraba Catrina Aug 12, 1873 unknown
VIEW Basaraba Mihai May 21, 1921 82 years
VIEW Basaraba Vasile Aug 12, 1877 unknown
VIEW Basaraba Virineia 1904 1993
VIEW Bodnariuk Raifta June 17, 1897 Feb 10, 1948
VIEW Bodnaruk John H. May 27, 1925 April 5, 2002
VIEW Cuchern Anna Elie unknown
VIEW Darda Anie 1932 1937
VIEW Darda Anie 1918 1919
VIEW Darda Catrina 1930 1936
VIEW Darda Constantin 1935 1936
VIEW Darda Gafitza 1895 1953
VIEW Darda George William May 15, 1921 May 1, 2002
VIEW Darda John April 13, 1939 July 17, 2001
VIEW Darda Mihai 1923 1924
VIEW Darda Mitro Dec 5, 1927 Sept 23, 1995
VIEW Darda Nicolai 1920 1923
VIEW Darda Nicolia J. Jan 14, 1887 Jan 03, 1967
VIEW Darda Sanchira Feb 26, 1903 June 23, 1992
VIEW Darda Stephon J. Sept 17, 1910 June 26, 1940
VIEW Darda Thaian 1926 1927
VIEW Darda Vasile 1891 1972
VIEW Dubitz Nastasia (Jennie) Dec 6, 1910 Sept 14, 1993
VIEW Dubitz Nickoli 1918 1995
VIEW Dubitz Steve March 4, 1892 Oct 4, 1988
VIEW Flaathen Mary 1944 1976
VIEW Harasim Costache (Kost) 1881 1953
VIEW Harasim Katrina 1889 1973
VIEW Hirca Reveca Feb 19, 1889 Nov 25, 1917
VIEW Hlady Lena 1929 2005
VIEW Hlady Lisa 1970 2001
VIEW Hlady Maria 1891 1968
VIEW Hlady Nick 1923 1978
VIEW Hustiuk Cost 1850 1922
VIEW Hustiuk Viroanca 1902 1922
VIEW Kerich Danny 1959 1959
VIEW Kerich Fred Nov 21, 1902 Dec 16, 1992
VIEW Kerich Mary June 6, 1904 March 25, 1993
VIEW Kusnezow Anton Frenz June 13, 1921 June 30, 2000
VIEW Kusnezow Margaret Louise Dec 16, 1936 Feb 7, 1993
VIEW Malin Frasina 1886 Feb 15, 1914
VIEW Nickiforuk Alex Feb 9, 1909 Nov 10, 1994
VIEW Seminowich Stephan Dec 21, 1864 Feb 1926
VIEW Sevcla Unknown 1920 1920
VIEW Shebansky George May 20, 1956 Masy 16, 1982
VIEW Shebansky Olga Jan 15, 1931 May 11, 1966
VIEW Shebansky William Jan 26, 1925 Jan 27, 2005
VIEW Shebashansky Kalina 1890 1979
VIEW Svekla
VIEW Svekla Catrina C. June 26, 1927 July 6, 1927
VIEW Svekla Cons G. Jan 14, 1936 Sept 2, 1937
VIEW Svekla Domni Feb 22, 1924 Oct 26, 1924
VIEW Svekla Domnica June 10, 1904 Nov 23, 1944
VIEW Svekla George Jan 25, 1896 Nov 25, 1959
VIEW Svekla Maria March 8, 1923 May 22, 1923
VIEW Svekla Nicholas G. June 17, 1928 Nov 9, 1975
VIEW Svekla Ruby Dec 1, 1934 April 22, 1934
VIEW Svekla V. G. Jan 13, 1919 Jan 27, 1919
VIEW Toma Alexandra May 6, 1902 Aug 24, 1988
VIEW Toma George P. 1926 1988
VIEW Toma Helen 1922 1926
VIEW Toma Jenny 1918
VIEW Toma John 1923
VIEW Toma Johnny 1923 1926
VIEW Toma Katie 1920 1926
VIEW Toma Mary 1919 1926
VIEW Unknown unknown
VIEW Unknown unknown
VIEW Vicsush Domnica Feb 17, 1874 Oct 23, 1949
VIEW Wasuita Kathleen May 12, 1925 Dec 21, 1995
VIEW Yurko Veronca 1924