Hutzcal-Constantin-and-DomnicaConstantin Hutzkal and his family emigrated to Canada in 1907 from Boian, Bukovina. Constantin married Domnica Yurko and at the time when they arrived in Canada they had three girls, Unculitsa, Maria and Raveta. The family settled in the Ispas district. More children were born to this couple: Lazar, John, William (Bill) Metro, Mike, Rena, Sandra and George. In order to earn actual cash Constantin went to work in the coal mines at Bank Hat. He only came home when he had a chance. With the hard-earned money he was able to buy flour, sugar, tea, some machinery and horses with which to work the land. With the help of his sons, Constantin began clearing the bush, ploughing the virgin land and raising crops to feed his growing family.

Although a school was built in the district, the older children did not get much of a formal education because there was a scarcity of teachers and the youngsters only attended two months a year on the average, in the summer only. The younger brothers and sisters attended on a more regular basis and therefore received a better formal schooling.

To add to the misfortunes, the mother, Domnica was ill for a long time and passed away at the age of forty-two. The youngest child was only eighteen months old when he was left motherless. By this time the older girls had married and had their own families and the younger girls were too small to do the housework. While Lazar and John helped with the farm work outside, Bill’s lot was to do the house work, to bake, cook and wash. His father helped when he could and Bill was fortunate that his grandmother was there to help look after the younger children. However, they all grew up, healthy and strong and eventually went on their own. One of the young girls, Sanda, died when an infant IV2 years old.
Unculija married Metro Cucheran and eventually they ended living in Detroit, Michigan. Maria married Condrea Ionetz and they farmed near Hairy Hill. Raveta married Stephen Hreniuk. Lazar married Pearl Bumback. He always took part in community affairs and now he and his wife are retired in Two Hills. John bought his own homestead where he still resides. William married Doris Dubetz. They farmed near Sandy Lake where they raised their family and are now residing in Willingdon. Bill, also, coached ball teams at Ispas. In Willingdon he still takes an active part in village affairs. Metro married Sandra Mihalcheon. They lived at Bonnyville but now are retired in Sherwood Park. Mike married Vera Pernack. Rena married George Corobotic, and George, the baby of the family, married Kathleen Erama.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Constantin Hutcal birth record.
Constantin was born on May 13, 1874. Father – Toader, son of Vasile Hutcal. Mother – Ioana Iacoban. Godmother- Domnica, daughter of Nicolai Hutcal.

Domnica Iurco birth record.
Domnica was born May 4, 1881. Father – Ioan, son of Vasile Iurco. Mother – Acsenia(?) Malin. Godmother – Domnica, daughter of Mihai Yurco.

Constantin Hutcal and Domnica Iurco married record. Oct.18, 1898.
Constantin, son of Toader Hutcal and Ioana Iacoban married Domnica, daughter of Ioan, son of Vasile Iurco and Ksenia(?) Malin. Godparents – George and Anna Hutcal.

Constantin and Petre Hutcal was brothers. Their sister was Domnica, wife of Vasile Kachuk (Tcaciuc). In Boian, Bukovina they have another brother, George who was father of Ion and Nicolai Hutcal.

Passenger ship lists

Quebec. June, 1909.


Census - 1916
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