Iftody-Constantin-and-MariaConstantin Iftody was born May 13, 1881 in Molodia, Bukovina. Maria was born April 21, 1881 in Boian, Bukovina. They migrated to Canada in 1899 along with relatives and friends.
In Canada, Constantine worked for farmers in order to earn some money, and Maria worked for one year at the Queen’s Hotel in Strathcona for $6.00 a month.
They were married in January, 1903, got a homestead in Boian and started their farming career together. They lived there until they retired to Willingdon in the fall of 1959.
In 1964 Constantin died at the age of 83 and his beloved wife followed him a year later at age 84. Both are resting in peace in the St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox church cemetery at Boian.

They raised a family of twelve children. Their first born was a son Nick who was born Oct. 27, 1903. He helped his father on the farm and attended the local school. He married Mary Hauca and they took up farming at Boian. Later they moved to Vegreville where Nick went into construction. They raised a family of 16 children including a set of twin girls.
In 1905 Ioana, a daughter, was born. When she was of school age she attended Desjarlais school on top of Eagle Tail Hill, north of the Iftody homestead. She married Mike Zukiwski and farmed for awhile. Later they went into retail business and the hotel business in Willingdon. She passed away in 1951 at age 46. They had three children, Jack who took over the store in Willingdon, Eddie who teaches school in Edmonton and Minnie who is married and resides in Ontario.
Domnica was born April, 1907. She, too, attended the Desjarlais school and helped at home. She married Bill Skoreyko. They farmed for awhile and then went into storekeeping and hotel operator. Domnica passed away in 1971 at age 64.
Annie was born Feb. 14, 1909 and also attended school. When she was about nine years of age she contracted polio and it affected her right side. Since she couldn’t walk very well, her father took her to the Lamont Hospital where Dr. Archer operated on her leg and had it straightened out so Annie could walk much better. In Nov. 1930 she married George Yaros- lawski and they resided in Edmonton and raised a family of three children. George passed away.
Sadie was born Nov. 10, 1910 and followed her older sisters. She attended Desjarlais school and when old enough, helped with the farm work and household chores. In 1930 she married Nick Soprovich and they farmed for awhile in the Hairy Hill area. After a few years they moved to Edmonton where Nick worked as a realtor. In 1956 he passed away. Sadie remarried and is now Mrs. Bill Maciborski.
Helen was born June 21, 1912 and attended Desjarlais school and also Borowich school when she lived with her older sisters. In 1930, she married Harry (Gre- gori) Svekla and they, too, farmed for a while in the Boian area. They later sold out and moved to Bonny- ville where Helen owned and operated a dress shop. Both Helen and Harry were gifted with beautiful voices. Anyone who knows them will always remember Harry’s tenor and Helen’s alto voice. They’ve both sung in Romanian choirs for years. Now, they reside in Edmonton.
George was born May, 1914 and attended Boian Marea school. At an early age he started working on the farm. In 1942 he married Sally Russ and they continued farming. George is known for his successful farming operations and friendliness. Both Sally and George are outgoing folks and enjoy socializing. They have two daughters, Elaine and Gail.
Peter was born in June, 1916. He attended Boian Marea school and took his high school in Willingdon. He took his Normal School at Camrose and went on to teach school. During World War II he joined the R.C.A.F. and served for four years. On being discharged he went on to other jobs and in 1950 married Jessie. They moved to Port Alberni, B.C. where Peter worked until his death in 1974 at age 58.
Alice was born Sept. 1918 and attended Boian Marea school. In 1937 she married George Semenuik and they farmed in the Warwick district. They later moved to Vegreville and farmed. They still reside in that town. They raised a family of four boys and one girl.
Steve was bom in Dec. 1920. He attended Boian school and then began helping his dad on the farm. In 1941 he enlisted in the army and was sent overseas. After the war he was discharged and came home. In 1946 he married Delima Toma and they lived and farmed on the home place. In 1959 Steve went to Whitecourt where they operated a service station. From there they moved to Edmonton. In 1978 he died suddenly at age 58. They had 2 daughters, Darline and Georgette.
Katie was born June 1, 1923, went to Boian school and helped her parents at home. In 1939 she married Kost Kelba. Together they farmed the home place. They later sold the land and purchased a home in Willingdon. Kost passed away in 1982 at 66 years of age. Katie works in Jack Zukiwski’s store. They had 5 children, including*a set of twins.
Rose, the baby, was born Aug. 5, 1925 and attended Boian Marea school. In 1950 she married Morris Sinclair and had a daughter Sharon. This marriage was dissolved and Rose later married Mike Zaharuk. They lived and farmed at Vegreville. Rose passed away in 1974 at age 46.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

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Passenger ship lists

Hamburg. May 11, 1898
Halifax. May 23, 1898


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  1. By William waugh on December 23, 2015

    Thank you so much for the information.my mother mini kukiwsky passed away this year.Its wonderful to see all her relatives pictures and read about their lives in Alberta and elsewhere.

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