Kachuk-Vasile-and-DomnicaVasile Kachuk was born in Boian, Bucovina, in 1858. He married Domnica Hutzcal in 1883. At the age of forty-three he left his wife and eight children behind in the old country and emigrated to Canada. He filed for a homestead S.W.V4, 28, 56, 13, W.4th at Sandy Lake. He liked the area because there was plenty of water, trees and grassy meadows for the livestock. The lake was also a source of food in that there was a plentiful supply of fish and then during the summer months there were plenty of wild ducks. When Vasile had built a shelter and after earning some money he returned to the old country to fetch his wife and family. On May 2, 1905, the complete family set out for Canada and arrived in Alberta the latter part of June. Vasile and Domnica Kachuk raised a family of eight children: Elie born 1886, Jenny (Unculita) born 1888, Veronja 1890, Ileana 1892, Stefan 1895, Kost 1898, Mike 1900 and Dora 1903.

Vasile died in 1935 at age of seventy-seven. His wife followed him a year later at the age of seventy- six. Both are resting in peace in St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox cemetery at Boian.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Vasile Tcaciuc and Domnica Hutcal marriage record. Feb.24, 1883.
Vasile, son of Elena Tcaciuc married Domnica, daughter of Toader Hutcal and Ioana Iacoban. Godparents – Vasile and Vasilca Cuciurean. Vasile was 25 and Domnica 22 years old.

Domnica Hutcal birth record.
Domnica was born on April 7, 1861. Father – Toader, son of Vasile Hutcal. Mother – Ivana. Godfather – Nistor, son of Stefan Strienco.

Constantin birth record.
Constantin was born on July 18, 1898. Father – Vasile Tcaciuc. Mother – Domnica Hutcal. Godmother – Vasilca Cuciurean

Mihail birth record.
Michail was born on Nov. 5, 1900. Father – Vasile Tcaciuc. Mother – Domnica Hutcal. Godmother – Agafia Hutcal.

Paraschiva and Maria (twins) birth record.
Paraschiva and Maria was born on May 4, 1903. Father – Vasile Tcaciuc. Mother – Domnica Hutcal. Godmothers – Agafia and Elena Hutcal.
Maria died prior 1905.

Passenger ship lists

Domnica and kids. Quebec. May, 1906.

Domnica Hutcal

  • Petre and Constantin Hutcal – brothers;
  • Ion and Nicolai Hutcal – nephews; (Domnica’s another brother, George remained in Boian, Bukovina)
Constantin Kachuk. Boian cemetery.
Elie Kachuk. Boian cemetery.
Kahuk Mike. Boian cemetery.
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  1. Florencia Kachuk

    Hola, soy Florencia de Argentina y de apellido Tkachuk, lo único que se de mis antepasados que creo salieron desde galitzia con destino a EE. UU. Pero por inconvenientes no se pudo. Y vinieron a la Argentina. Me gustaría saber si alguien tiene algun dato o nombre de los primeros tkachuk que subieron a ese barco en 1879.

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