lutic-andrei-and-sandaAndrei Lutic migrated from Bucovina during the reign of Franz Joseph I of Austria. Upon landing in Canada he obtained employment in Montreal for a short period of time. His desire to obtain farm land forced him to travel to the western prairies of Canada.

In Alberta he worked on the railroad crew and while there he heard that there was a Romanian settlement in the Boian area 25 miles directly north of Vegreville. He decided to visit the area and there he met Sanda Esak with whome he fell in love.

Andrei and Sanda were married in 1914 (1916?) and settled the same year on a homestead in what was known as Gold Creek district. There they farmed for 14 years during which time seven children were born to the young couple, Floyd, Dora, Peter, Nick, Constantine, Katherine and Alice. To obtain better land they purchased the quarter of land owned at Boian by Sanda’s father Peter Esak. The exact location was S.E.Vi 9-56-14-W4 and this land became the new family farm. Andrei purchased the land for approximately $4000 and two years later the depression hit. The farm was not producing enough to provide for the family. As a result Andrei took the job of delivering mail to Boian so he would travel 24 miles round trip twice a week for the sum of $15.68 a month.

Four more children were born to the Lutics, George, Paul and a set of twin boys Andy and Sandy. However, they lost two children. Katherine passed away in 1934 and George died in 1942 at age of fifteen.
Andrei and Sanda turned the farm over to Andy in 1958 and moved to Willingdon. They lived there in their own home until 1978 when they moved to the local Eagle Lodge for seniors. Sanda passed away in 1981 at age 82. She was known for her beautiful embroidery and delicious Romanian cooking. Andrei is 89 and still living at the Lodge.
Floyd, the oldest of the Lutics graduated as a teacher and taught in Boian area before joining the Air Force. During the war he married Vera Penzar. He continued teaching after the war until his death in 1962. They had three children, Floyd, Lome and Louise.
Dora married John Zaharichuk. After a brief farming career they moved to Edmonton and finally settled in Two Hills. They had five children, Eddy, Audrey, Bobby, Bernice and Leslie. John passed away in 1978 and Dora is still living in Two Hills, Alberta.
Peter farmed in the Boian area and married Mary Cucheran. They had three children, twins, Leslie and Leonard and a daughter Bonnie. Peter passed away in 1967.

Nick left home and travelled to Ontario where he joined the armed forces. He married Sarah (Sadie) Hughes and they have two sons Gregory and Michael. After thirty-one years, Nick retired in Edmonton and is working for the federal government. Sadie passed away in 1980.
Con attended the U. of A. and graduated with a B.Ed. and B.A. degrees. Later he obtained an M.Ed. He taught high school in Hairy Hill and was principal there for a number of years. Here he married a former pupil, Margaret Kowalchuk. They have two girls, Noreen and Charlene. Con and Margaret both teach in Two Hills.
Alice attended Hairy Hill High School and then took nursing in Edmonton. She married John Dorish and they have three children, Janice, Jim and Brian. Alice is still practicing her career.
Paul farmed for several years and then went out working. Single, he lives in Sherwood Park and is employed by the Provincial Highways Department.
Sandy left home to seek his fortune. He eventually began working for the post office in Edmonton and is presently employed as a Postmaster. He married Lydia
Appel and they have four children, Sharon, Howard, Glenn and Karmen. They reside in Edmonton.
Andy stayed in Boian and took over the family farm. He married Kaye Frank and they have three children, Randy, Sally and Byron. Andy and Kaye are both actively involved in local community activities at Boian and Hairy Hill.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Iordanesti, Bukovina

Andrei Lutic birth record.
Andrei was born on May 10, 1893. Father – Nicolai Lutic. Mother – Alexandra Cernetchi. House number – 35.

Ion Lutic birth record.
Ion was born on Jan.6, 1882. Father – Nicolai, son of Vasile Lutic. Mother – Alexandra Cernetchi. House number – 35.

Teodor Lutic birth record.
Very unusual record! Georgie was born on Feb.18 and Teodor on Feb. 20. Parents are the same – Nicolai, son of Vasile Lutic and Alexandra Cernetchi but house numbers are different. For George – 178, for Teodor – 35. Twins, priest mistake or something else?

Nicolai Lutic and Alexandra Cernievschi marriage record. Oct.12, 1880.
Nicolai, son of Vasile Lutic married Alexandra, daughter of Stefan Cernievschi and Domnica Bojescul. Nicolai was 29 and Alexandra 17 years old.

Alexandra Cernievschi birth record.
Alxeandra was born on Oct.11, 1863. Father – Stefan Cerniezkii. Mother – Domnica, daughter of Andronik Bojesku.

Passenger ship lists

Quebec. Oct. 9, 1911. Arriving from Antwerpen
1912. Trough the USA to Vancouver.


Census - 1916
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