Lutic-Peter-and-MariaPeter was a respected and important member of the Boian Romanian Community. After completing grade eight he chose farming as his career. Peter worked for his father and other farmers in the area where he was able to save money to purchase his own farm. Over the years he became a successful farmer and was proud of his accomplishments.
At the age of 24 he married a lovely red haired woman, Mary Cuchurean. In 1950 their twins Leslie and Leonard were born. Their daughter Bonnie was born in 1955.
Peter enjoyed being a member of the Boian Church choir. He acted in several Romanian language theatrical productions at Boian and neighboring towns. He also performed in Irod, a traditional Romanian Christmas pageant. Peter passed away in 1967 at the young age of 47 years. After his death his family moved to Edmonton where Mary obtained her journeyman cook certificate while she was employed at the Charles Camsel Hospital.
Leslie and Leonard attended college after relocating in Edmonton and Bonnie was employed by A.G.T. after completing her education.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

For records please visit: Lutic Andrei and Sanda

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