Sarah Kozub and her sister Maria Matei (1935)

When Mitru Matei decided to take his family to Canada he took along with him his youngest sister Pachita, who was married to Mitru Hantiuk. He left behind him in Boian, Bucovina two brothers Constantine and Paul.

Mitru Matei and his family came to Canada in 1901 and by this time they had three children Sarah, Sanda and Mike. In Alberta they settled by the lake, which locally bears the name Matei. Two more children were born here, Katie and Stephen. In 1906 Mitru died at age 46. Like other pioneers the family worked hard to establish themselves and make a decent living.
The oldest daughter Sarah married George Dubitz. They farmed practically all their lives at Boian and raised a large family. Sanda married Tom Dubitz. They too farmed just north of the Mateis.
Mike married Jenny Gorda and they farmed the home place. Katie married John Kelba.
Stephen, the youngest became an efficient school teacher and taught capably at Boian Marea for many years. He married Helen Moroz and when Stephen left teaching they moved to Langley, B.C.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Dumitru Matei birth record – 1860.
Dumitru (short Mitru) was born July 14, 1860. Father – Stefan, son of Grigorash (Grigore) Matei. Mother – Sanda. Godmother- Anastasia, wife of Grigori Kuchurean.

Stefan Matei and Alexandra Krocus marriage record – October 15, 1859.
Stefan, son of Grigore Matei married Alexandra, daughter of Dumitru Krocus. Grigore was 26 years old and Alexandra 21. Godparents was Grigogrii and Ioana Kuchurean.

Dimitrie Matei and Maria Moskaliuk marriage record – October 21, 1884.
Dimitrie, son of Stefan Matei and Alexandra Crocus married Maria, daughter of Alecsei Moscaliuc and Alexandra Grumeza. Godparents – George and Ana Cuciurivschi. Dimitrie vas 24 and Maria 19 year old.

Maria Moskaliuk birth record – 1865.
Maria was born on Sept.6, 1865. Father – Sandul, son of Nikolai Moskaliuk. Mother – Alexandra Grumeza. Godmother – Maria Suprovich.
(Sandul is short form – Alecsei, Alecsandru)

Alexa Moscaliuc and Alexandra Grumeza marriage record – Febr, 27 1864.
Alexa, son of Nicolae Moscaliuc married Alexandra, daughter of Alexandra Grumeza. Godparents – Nicolae and Maria Suprovich. Alexa was 28 and Alexandra 27 year old.

Passenger ship lists

Hamburg. April 24, 1901. Vessel - Assyria.
Halifax. May 6, 1901.


Census - 1916.

Matei, Dimitrie (Mitru)

  • Paraschiva, wife of Dimitrie Ihnatiuk – sister;
  • Matei family in Boian, Bukovina – future research will show who in present are descendants of Constantin and Pavel Matei, Dimitrie’s brothers.

Maria Moskaliuk

  • Sarah Cozub – sister; (hope that future research will provide more information)
Mitru Matei - Boian, cemetery.
Maria Matei - Boian, cemetery.
  1. By Marlene Savinkoff on September 19, 2015

    Thank you for your research. It is wonderful to see documents photos and summaries of my grandparents and great grandparents. Truly a legacy to the Romanian community.

  2. By Sylvia McEwen on December 11, 2015

    I am Stephen Matei’s daughter, Sylvia. I know so little about my father and his family and would love to collect more info to pass on to my children. My brother Gordon and I both live in North Vancouver, British Columbia and each have two chldren of our own.

  3. By Barb Matei-Tate on August 4, 2016

    Hello Sylvia! We met in the summer of 2012! Hope you are well!

  4. By Nicolette Anderson on March 31, 2016

    Thank you for all of your research! Sanda Matei was my Great-Grandmother, Mitru Matei my Great-Great-Grandfather. How lovely to see their story told in this way.

  5. By Nicolette Anderson on April 2, 2016

    Thank you again, Florin for all of your hard work! It is wonderful to see the old birth record, going back to 1860

  6. By Merlette Schnell on April 2, 2016

    Thank you so much Florin for researching and providing additional new information about my Great Grandfather Mitru and his father and grandfather. We would not have known this without your help!

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