Moscaliuk-Bill-and-AnnaWhen working at a copper mine in Butte, Montana in 1925, Bill Moscaliuk had the opportunity to witness a boxing match in which Jack Dempsey participated. He was so impressed by Dempsey’s skill and strength that he immediately started training at the local YMCA.
Bill still talks of how he won his first fight against a boxer named Charles McGillvary who had come to get the “long-legged guy”. After the bell went Bill gave his opponent the straight left but the latter moved his head and ran into Bill’s strong right. Fourteen seconds and McGillvary was out. No one was more surprised than Bill.
From Butte, Bill went east to Buffalo N.Y. where with his one-two punch he earned the title of “kayo- artist”. Later family and health problems forced him to return home where he took up farming. His record as a middleweight amateur boxer follows: Lost-3; Draws-2; K.O.’s-23; T.K.O.-1.
In 1933 he married Ann Russ and raised a family of four sons and one daughter. The Moscaliuks’ high priority on education was reflected in the educational careers of their children, all of whom attended post secondary educational institutions.
Patricia graduated from U. of A. in Home Economics and became a Home Management specialist in Alberta. Bernie attended the school of technology in Calgary and specialized in meteorology. He is at present in Brisbane, Australia.
George attended U. of A. and has his own business investments in Edmonton.
Don Mitch took up veterinary medicine and won a gold medal for proficiency.
Armand, the youngest, studied law at the U. of A. and also won a gold medal.
John Moskaliuk was born in 1907. He joined the U.S.A. army in July, 1926. With the American artillery
he served in the Philippine Islands. He also, took up boxing and became a champion boxer in the army. While serving, he took sick and passed away in 1927.
Mary Hryhorets was born in 1908. She resides in Edmonton and is in good health.
Lena was born in 1910. She married George Cleet and they resided in Drumheller. They had two daughters and a son but unfortunately George was killed in a mine accident leaving a young family behind. Later Lena moved to Calgary and married Albert Solverson. In 1979 after a brief illness, Lena passed away.
Doris, the youngest daughter, was born in 1912. She completed school at Boian, then left for Drumheller where she married Joe Suffesick. She moved to Calgary where she owned and operated a hair dressing salon. She died of cancer in 1978.
Mike Moss was born in 1914 but left for Drumheller in 1928. There he began working for Canadian Utilities Power Co. where he worked his way up to the position of assistant operating superintendent.
In 1940 he married Lucy Laurent, which resulted in two sons Nolan and Brent. Besides being an excellent worker and a good father, Mike took a very active part in community affairs. Like his brothers, he also took up boxing and won a bronze medal in Drum- heller. After a long illness, Mike passed way in 1981.
The baby of the family was Floyd who was left motherless when very young. He is presently living in Toronto where he has his own business.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

For records please visit: Moscaliuk, Dumitru and Sanda

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