Svekla-Nicolai-and-DomnicaNicolai Svekla was born in 1877 in Boian, Bucovina. In 1898 he married Domnica daughter of George and Katrina Kebak. Two years later he came to Canada alone, leaving his wife and two children Pearl and Metro behind. He worked, bought land in the Shalka area, built a bordei, then went back to bring his wife and kids to Canada. They farmed, working hard and in 1927 moved to Boian, leaving the home place to the oldest son. Domnica was a very sociable woman and she worked hard weaving tapestry and hand bags and selling them in Vegreville. With the hard earned money she bought clothing and groceries. In all, they raised a family of nine children.

Metro married Dora Toma. They farmed for a few years then left for the coal mines at East Coulee, where they lived till retirement when they moved to Edmonton. They had 3 children – Margaret, Nicky and George. Metro passed away in 1979.
Pearl married John Hrenuik and settled on a farm in Deep Lake area close to the Saskatchewan River. They had five girls – Grace, Dora, Helen, Rachel and Julie, and a son Metro.
John married Sandra Hauca. They farmed and then went into business and lived in various towns. They had a son George and three girls, Rosemarie, Judy and Ruby. John passed away in 1976.
Helen married Mike Semeniuk. They farmed at Warwick. They raised a family of seven – Shirley, Margaret, Raymond, Richard, George, Nick and Ernie. Mike passed away in 1964 of cancer.
George, a handsome boy and a very likeable person, died of a ruptured appendix in 1937 at age 20.
Floyd married Elizabeth Radesh. They lived in Edmonton and had three children – George, Marie and Martin.
Katherine first married George Badiuk and had a son Bobby. Sadly, George lost his life while swimming on his anniversary. Later Kay married Karl Petersen and they have one son Johnny. They too, live in Edmonton.
Elie (Robert) married Margaret. They lived in Vegreville where Elie operated a butcher shop. They had two children, Kenny and Monica.
Mary, the youngest member, married Tom Hauca and they farmed the Hauca home place before selling out and moving to Edmonton. They had five children – Danny, Angelina, Peggy, Frances and Susanne. Tom passed away in 1976. Mary subsequently remarried John Chacun.
Domnica passed away in 1951 at age 67, while Nicolai passed away in 1961 at age 84.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Nicolai Svecla birth record.
Nicolai was born on Jan. 23, 1878. Father – Simion, son of Vasile Svecla. Mother – Catrina Iurco. Godfather – Vasile Iurco. (Niclolai and Vasile Svecla were brothers)

Domnica Chibac birth record.
Domnica was born on Feb. 16, 1884. Father – Ioan Chibac. Mother – Catrina Griga. Godmother – Domnica, wife of Ioan Harasam.

Nicolae Svecla and Domnica Chibac marriage record. May 13, 1901.
Nicolae, son of Simeon Svecla and Ecaterina Iurco married Domnica, daughter of Ioab Chibac and Ecaterina Griga. Godparents – Teodor Iurco with his mother Alexandra. Nicolae was 23 and Domnica 17 years old.

Simeon Svecla and Catrina Iurco marriage record. Oct. 22, 1867.
Simeon , son of Vasile Svecla married Catrina, daughter of Vasile Iurco. Godparents – Simeon and Eufrosinia Medvig from Slobozia-Rarance. Simeon was 30 and Catrina 20 years old.

Ioan Chibac and Catrina Griga marriage record. Nov. 11, 1879.
Ioan, son of Constantin Chibac and Domnica Toma married Catrina, daughter of Nestor Griga and Maria Necoriuc. Godparents – Ioan and Domnica Harasam. Ioan was 23 and Domnica 19 years old.

Ioan Chibac birth record.
Ioan was born Sept. 8, 1856. Father – Konstantin Chibac. Mother Domnica. Godmother – Maria, wife of Elie Gorda.

Constantin Chibac and Domnica Toma marriage record. Apr\May – 1850.
Constantin, son of Toader Chibac married Domnica, daughter of Ilie, son of Ioan Toma. Godparents – Elie and Maria Gorda. Constantin was 25 and Domnica 20 years old.

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