Yurko-Nazarie-and-AcseniaNazarie Yurko was born in Boian, Bukovina and married Ksenia Matichuk. In 1899 along with other Romanian families, they emigrated to Canada. They arrived with the three older children, Raveta, Maria and Domnica, and settled in Boian on the N.E. lA sec. 2, 56, 14, W. of 4th. There they proceeded to make their home and in time six more children were born to this couple; John, Katie, Sanda, Mike, Kost and Peter. Today only Katie Baiton survives. Maria Yurko married Elie Morgan. They raised a family of thirteen children.
John Yurko married Eleana Hauca, daughter of Nicolae and Domnica Hauca. They farmed in the Shalka area until their retirement in Hairy Hill where Helen spent many hours weaving rugs. John was busy
his hobbies and took an active part in St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church. John passed away in 1965 and Helen died in 1973. Both are resting in peace in the Boian cemetery.
Mike, John’s eldest son, attended the local Boian School, then went on to Hairy Hill School where he completed Grade XII. He then enrolled in Engineering Physics at McGill University in Montreal. After spending some time in the Canadian Air Force he secured a position with the United States Government in the
Communications Department of Project Mercury which was engaged in space travel. Mike married Kay Ewanishan of Two Hills and they reside in New Jersey. They have two sons and four daughters.
Bill also completed his public school education at the local school then went on to Hairy Hill High School, where he completed his Grade XII. He, too, served in the Air Force and on being discharged he enrolled at the University of Alberta in chemical engineering. He graduated with distinction and then entered the working world. In the meantime he married Mary Paul and they were blessed with one son and three daughters. Bill held various jobs in Canada as well as south of the border. However, he was always interested in politics so he decided to enter the political arena. He was elected as a Conservative M.L.A. in Alberta and served eleven years, most of this time as a cabinet minister. Seeking a greater challenge, Bill entered federal politics and has the distinction of being the first M.P. of Romanian origin from Western Canada. He served one term as M.P. Bill and Mary reside in Edmonton where they enjoy a variety of interests.
Con (Constantine), the third son, married Alice Fodchuk and took over the family farm. They developed it into a very successful enterprise. They raised a family of two sons and six daughters. One son and one daughter passed away at a young age. Con, besides farming, has always been involved in many farm organizations.
Dora, the eldest daughter married Steve Bezovie and they made their home in Calgary where they raised a family of three sons and three daughters.
Mary married Bill Humeny. They reside in Edmonton where Bill operates a plumbing business. They have a family of three sons and two daughters.
George, the youngest member, married Ruth Roth. They live in Hairy Hill. George plays the violin and plays in an orchestra at public dances and other social events.
In the John Yurko family there are twenty-nine grand-children and twenty-eight great grand-children.
Mike Yurko, Nazarie’s second son married Helen Iftody, daughter of Nicolae and Sanda Iftody. They over the family homestead where they farmed for a number of years. Then they moved to the village of Hairy Hill where Mike worked as an elevator agent for the United Grain Growers. Mike died in 1963 and Helen moved to Vegreville where she resides with her sister Ioana. Mike and Helen have a son, William, who farms very successfully with his wife Verna, north of Vegreville. Tina (Kathleen) is married to Ernie Feduniw and Lily is married to Norman Harasym. Both Tina and Lily are pharmacists.
Kost Yurko married Lena Hantiuk in 1934. At first they operated a small country store at Shalka for many years. Kost added to the family income by trucking livestock and grain for the farmers in the area. In 1950 the family moved to Hairy Hill where Kost worked for many years as a mechanic first in Hairy Hill and then in Willingdon until his retirement. Lena worked in the Hairy Hill hotel and then the local co-op store. Her last seven years before retirement she managed the coop store quite capably. Kost passed away in 1983 at the age of seventy-three. Lena is enjoying retirement in Hairy Hill.
Kost and Lena raised a family of two boys and two girls. Johnny married Sandra and they live in Prince George, B.C. Rita married Willis Soprovich who took over his father’s farm. They have a son, Barry, a daughter Barbara, married to Mark Bizovie and a daughter Shelley. Barbara and Mark have one daughter. Tom, the second son married Vicki Hill. They live in St. Paul where they have an upholstery business. They, too, have two daughters and one son. Phyllis, Kost’s second daughter, lives in Grande Prairie where she owns and operates a Beauty College. She has one daughter.
Peter Yurko, Nazarie’s youngest child, married Mary Euchuk. They farmed for many years, then moved to Edmonton where Peter was employed by the city. Both have passed away. They raised two sons and one daughter, George, Bill and Rose. All are married and have families of their own.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Nazarie Iurco birth record.
Nazarie was born on Oct. 20, 1860. Father – Vasile Iurko. Mother – Kasandra. Godmother – Maria, wife of Toader Grigorko.

Aksenia Mateichuk birth record.
Aksenia was born on June 21, 1868. Father – Ion Mateichuk. Mother – Alexandra Suhani. Godparents – Toader and Maria Iurco.

Nazarie Iurco and Axenia Mateiciuk marriage record. Feb.28, 1888.
Nazarie son of Vasile, Ilie Iurco and Alexandra Svecla married Axenia, daughter of Ioan Mateiciuc and Alexandra Suhani. Godparents – Iacov and Agripina Svecla. Nazarie was 28 and Axenia 20 years old.

Nazarie and Aksenia chidren born in Boian, Bukovina.

1. Raveca was born on Feb. 20, 1889.
2. Maria was born on Oct. 1, 1892.
3. Domnica was born on March 30, 1895.
4. Sanchira was born on Sept. 13, 1897.

Passenger ship lists

Hamburg. May 24, 1899. Vessel - Bulgaria
Halifax. June 5, 1899


Census -1901
Census -1906
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