George Zaharichuk was born April 10, 1888 in Mahala , Buckovina to parents Constantin and Mariuca. He had two known siblings—Tom and Kost. Shortly after turning 18 he boarded the ship Montezuma in Antwerp, Belgium destined for Canada. He landed in Quebec on May 11, 1906. Records show he spent some time in the ship’s hospital.

In July of 1906 George was living as a boarder in Winnipeg with the Pnukuke (sp?) family. The census shows him as a single male, a laborer, earning $1230 annually.

Domnica Pampureac was born July 22, 1890 in Buckovina. Her parents, Vasile Pampureac (born October 20, 1865) and Ekaternina (Munteneau) Pampureac (born 1867, died February 24, 1931) were married October 9, 1888.

Domnica, around her 21st birthday in 1911, came to Canada. Soon after, in December of that year, son John was born.

George and Domnica married in 1912 in Manitoba. It is unclear whether they knew each other in the Old Country or met in Canada. It was around this time that George’s brothers, Tom and Kost, came to Canada. Sometime after marriage, they relocated to Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba where Steve, Mary and Rose were born.
Later, they moved back to Winnipeg where the 1921 Canadian census shows them living at 117 Dossich Street in a 3 room, rented, wooden house. Their religion was listed as Greek Catholic. At this time George was working with the CNR railway.
In 1922 the family relocated to Alberta. At first they lived in the town of Willingdon. The next year, 1923, the family bought a farm near Hairy Hill with the legal description of NE 17.55.14 West of the fourth. It was in these early Alberta years that five more children were born — Charles, Nick, Frank, George, and Lily.

George became a farmer while Domnica was a midwife and very active in St. Mary’s Romanian Orthodox Church of Boian.

On September 11, 1925 George filed his naturalization papers to become a Canadian citizen. His application was supported by a Mr. A.M. Boutillier, postmaster at Soda Lake, Alberta, which was 8 miles from the family farm. Mr. Boutillier affirmed that he had known George for a number of years and that he was “of good reputation and character”. The application describes George as 5’9”, Caucasian, red complexion with brown hair and brown eyes.
After 6 months the application was finalized and on the 17th day of March 1926, George swore his Oath of Allegiance to Canada, writing, in his own hand, ”I swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King George the Fifth, his heirs and successors, according to law, so help me God.”

Life on the farm was very difficult. At Christmas time it was common for the children to receive an apple or an orange as their Christmas gift. Tragedy struck in 1930 when their house burned to the ground. They built a new, smaller house which didn’t accommodate all the children so the boys slept in the barn.

George died on August 18, 1940 and for the next ten years Domnica operated the farm with her sons. She died September 22, 1950 in hospital in Edmonton. The family farm remained in the hands of son, Frank. Of George and Domnica’s nine children, the last surviving was Mary who passed in January 2014 at the age of 97.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Mahala, Bukovina

Domnica Issac birth record. 
Domnica was born on July 13, 1864. Father – Anton Isak. Mother – Paraschiva, daughter of Stefan Voloschiuk.

Domnica Pampureac birth record.
Domnica was born on July 22, 1890. Father – Vasile Pampureac. Mother – Catrina Munteanu.

Vasile Pampureac and Catrina Munteanu marriage record. Oct. 9, 1888.
Vasile, son of Georgi Pampureac and Maria Iacopezi married Catrina, daughter of Vasili Munteanu and Domnica Cernusca. Vasile was 23 and Catrina 21 years old.

Vasile Pampureac birth record.
Vasile was born Oct.20, 1865. Father – Georgi Pampureac. Mother – Maria Iacopezi.

Passenger ship lists


With Mary Serbu (nee Zaharichuk) at her 95th anniversary.
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