Zaharichuk-TomTom Zaharichuk came to Alberta from the village of Mahala in Bucovina, in 1912. He settled in the Boian area and in 1920 married Jennie Mihalcheon. Four daughters and one son were born of this marriage, Steve, Mary, Doreen, Katherine and Pearl. They all completed high school in Willingdon and took post secondary training for various careers.

Tom was an excellent farmer and was active in politics as well as community affairs. He was a trustee on the Borowich school board for many years. Later he was trustee on the Willingdon school board and when the Willingdon school burned on March 1, 1949,

Tom was chairman of the board and supervised the building of a brand new school. Later he was a trustee in the Two Hills School Division. Earlier he had been a councillor in the Municipal District of Eagle.
In 1933 Jennie died suddenly leaving five motherless children between ages five to thirteen. The following year Tom married Dora Serbu and two daughters were born of this marriage – Virginia who graduated as a teacher and Loretta who became a nurse.
In 1954 the Zaharichuks moved to Edmonton but Tom continued farming till retirement in 1960. He passed away six years later.
His wife was very lonely now as the daughters had married and now with Tom’s death, she felt so alone. She decided to enroll in an art extension course. Given much encouragement by her instructor and her daughters she persevered, spending many hours at her easel in her sunny home. Ten years later she had her own art shows in Edmonton, Banff, and Toronto. Her art is unique and she has become quite widely known.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

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