Zuc-Constantin-and-SandaConstantin Zuk and his wife Sanda, daughter of Maftei and Pachita Michalcheon were married in Boian, Bucovina. In 1901 they came to Canada with Sanda’s father and her only sister Maria and three brothers, John, Steve, and Gheorghe.

Constantin settled on a quarter section in the Shalka district and began farming. They farmed there till their children were old enough to go to school. They left the farm and moved to Vegreville where Constantin operated a fairly large livery stable, where the farmers would bed the horses overnight. With the advent of the railroad to Vegreville in 1907 and the building of elevators, the farmers hauled grain from as far north as Desjarlais, Boian and Shalka. Constantin built a big livery barn and charged 25«: or 50tf a night for a team of horses and the owner generally slept in the barn too.
Because Constantin had learned German in the old country and spoke it fluently, he caught on to the English language much quicker than his fellow countrymen. This way he was able to act as interpreter at the court house for the Romanians in trouble and so earned some extra money. In summer he went to southern Alberta and herded sheep on the big ranches.
The girls along with their mother Sanda milked seven cows and sold the milk to local residents. This pin money helped purchase clothes and books for the children in school.
Both girls, Katie and Sarah finished school and went to work. Ted, the youngest, finished high school and became a school teacher. He taught school for three years and passed away at age 22.
Katie married, had two daughters, and lived in southern Alberta, and then moved to the coast. She worked for the Hudson Bay store and worked her way up to a managerial position. Unfortunately she died of cancer at 63.
Sarah married George Kachuk, an elevator agent, and in 1929 they moved to Willingdon where they resided and raised a family of two boys, Willis and Richard, and a daughter Lucille.
In Willingdon, both George and Sarah were active in community affairs. Sarah ran the Kozy Korner coffee shop. She was active in Willingdon Hospital Ladies’ Auxiliary, the I.O.D.E. and the Boian Ladies’ Club. George passed away and Sarah is still in Willingdon.
Both Sanda and Constantin rest in peace in St. Mary’s Romanian Cemetery at Boian.

Birth and marriage records from church books. Boian, Bukovina

Constantin Juc birth record.
Constantin was born on Jan. 13, 1877. Father – Toader, son of Constantin Juc. Mother – Domnica Ciobotariu. Godmother – Ana, wife of George Basaraba.

Toader Juc and Domnica Cobotariu marriage record. Oct. 20, 1874.
Toader, son of Constantin Juc married Domnica, daughter of Grigori Ciobotariu. Godparents – George and Ana Basaraba. Toader was 23 and Domnica 20 years old.

Toader Juk birth record.
Toader was born on May 8, 1852. Father – Konstantin Juk. Mother – Domnika. Godfather – Konstantin, son of Toader Basaraba.

Domnika Ciobotariu birth record.
Domnika was born on May 11, 1854. Father – Grigorie Ciobotariu. Mother – Ana. Godmother – Nastasia, wife of Vasile, son of Toader Basaraba.

Passenger ship lists

Hamburg. April 24, 1901. Vessel - Assyria
Halifax. May 6, 1901


Mrs. Sara Kachuk (Juk) 101 year old. Aug. 21, 2005
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